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Want to get more from your digital marketing activities?

Here are a few ways that I can help.

It’s my mission to bring clarity to what it means to have an effective digital marketing strategy for speakers, authors, coaches, and small business owners like you. It shouldn’t feel like rocket science and it should give you the confidence you need to invest in and grow your business.

Do It Yourself

Digital Marketing Strategy Brainstorm

Are you feeling lost in the world of digital marketing? Do you know you need to step up your game, but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in luck my friend! Join me for 90 minutes of creativity and inspiration as we explore the possibilities. Together we will unlock your business’s full potential and give you some direction to create a winning strategy. Let’s breathe life into your business and watch it thrive online!

done with you

Marketing Audit

You’ve already been in business for a while. You know your stuff, but you also know that there are some leaks in the pipeline, some holes along that path, that are stunting your growth and limiting your success. If that sounds like you, then a marketing audit may be the inspection you need to get things running more efficiently. Marketing in the pipeline between your customer and the sale, and we’re going to dive right in help you fine tune each one. Are you in?

done for you

Digital Marketing Strategy + Consulting

Are you ready to take your digital marketing game to the next level? Look no further! Let’s partner up to bring your vision to life, with a tailored approach that evolves alongside your business. Together, we’ll analyze and adjust every month to ensure you get the results you crave. Say goodbye to wasted efforts and resources, and hello to a productive and lucrative future. Let’s do this!

ongoing support

Black Dragon Creatives Community

Join the dynamic Black Dragon Creatives community and experience a wealth of monthly support and resources! With our masterminds, workshops, office hours, courses, and uplifting comradery, your digital journey will be enriched like never before. The Black Dragon Creatives community is waiting for you!

Looking for something else?

If you’re looking for something slightly different from what’s listed above, shoot me an email and we can discuss if/how I may be able to help.

If you’re looking for help with content creation, website design, SEO, or other digital marketing services check out Black Dragon Marketing for assistance and fulfillment.

What customers had to say.

Dr. Nayo Wills

“Tarletta is an idea machine. Like, she had to stop herself because she just, you can just see how her mind works to just give you constantly. She wasn’t very familiar with my field but she still was able to come up with things that were very applicable…just great ideas.”

Tarletta was an energized and energizing speaker - she has a vast knowledge of digital marketing and shared some insights and tips I have not heard anywhere else before.
conference21 Attendee
All week I have felt overwhelmed, lost, and frustrated. The hour that I spent with you this morning has brought my spirit back to life and I feel I can conquer the world. I'm actually excited about the things I will offer. You make me actually believe that anything is possible.
A. Quast
I loved the fact that she gave so much of herself in the workshop. Her delivery is on point, the message that she wants to convey to the audience - you get it, you feel it, you learn it.
M. Echols