What is a marketing audit?

Simply put, a marketing audit is an in-depth assessment of how you are currently attracting, informing, and converting potential customers. It’s where we look at all of the processes in your marketing, sales, and customer experience to find what’s working, and what could use a few improvements. 

With this information in hand you’re able to identify the leaks in your business that may be costing you money as well as the prime opportunities to help you grow faster and more efficiently.

This is the right service for you if...

How does it work?

1. press start

Select a time that works for us both. Once you do, you’ll be asked to submit your payment to secure your appointment.

2. get ready

This is going to be an intense day, so I’ll send you an agenda that we’ll be following and some forms so I can learn as much as I can before our session.

3. the session

We’ll meet via video or phone call to discuss your goals, your constraints, your resources and any of your questions. There will be two 2-hour session with a brain break in between.

4. the plan

After our session, I’ll email you an action plan that includes everything we discussed along with time tables and analytics checklists to follow. 

What's in it for you...

LIST GENERATION – First and foremost, this service was designed to help you come up with as many options as possible on how you can successfully market your business. The ideas we can’t cover can always be built out later. The point is: you get more options.

OUTSIDE INPUT – Sometimes it helps to hear what someone else has to say and to bounce your own ideas off of. Getting a second perspective can help you fill out ideas you’ve already had and explore different options that you haven’t.

IDEA BUILDING – Being able to build out the ‘how’ of any idea is one of my favorite parts of brainstorming. Sure some ideas take a little more work than others, but you don’t know ’til you get it all out sometimes.

BREAK YOUR ROUTINE – You ever notice that when you’re trying to think of what to do next you always come up with how this ONE solution solves ALL your problems? Yea, that feeling. A brainstorming session gives you a chance to hear about options you may not have even known existed.

Let's Built Your Digital Marketing Strategy.

My digital marketing brainstorming session is a one-off service and at just $250 it’s one of the best ways to get started with confidence that you’re moving in the right direction.

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