Love Wink Products

Love Wink Products provide customizable ramps designed to fit any type of stairs or platform that your canine companion needs to access. Whether you have an elderly dog with mobility issues or a younger pup who could use a helping hand, these interior or exterior ramps easily attach to any existing structure, so there’s no need to tear out floors or carpets!

Meet Larry

Larry is the owner of Love Wink Products. Here’s what he had to say about his journey working with me and growing his business with the help of digital marketing.


In order to learn how to market its newly invented product and break through an already crowded marketplace, Love Wink Products needed to turn its focus to its messaging and unique selling proposition to build awareness across its digital platforms. As a newly engineered product, it was desirable to market to both a B2C and B2B audience, but information lacked direction and campaigns were unable to be targeted to the proper audiences.

They had performed an alpha test with local participants that agreed to test out their new product and provide feedback. They were also given the option to retain their Ruff Ramp at a large discount for their participation.


A defined message for one target audience

Identifying a single niche audience and targeting our messaging and organic outreach to their position in the customer journey helped us to understand what differentiated us from our competition in the eyes of our visitors.

website & search engine optimization

Leveraging SaaS, Love Wink Products was able to improve the SEO of their site so that they could rank for short tail keywords that separated them from the market so they could compete with larger brands.

designing the customer experience

Documenting the questions, objections, challenges and features that our audience was pointing out we designed a workflow that would allow us to be a part of their discovery process and buying journey from beginning to end over email, voice, and social media.

system automation

Leveraging a customized SaaS database, Love Wink Products was able to better qualify leads before taking time to schedule a call. They are also better able to understand where the leaks are in the pipeline for continuous improvement.


Based on data provided by Google Analytics spanning 9/15/22 – 3/15/23

Reduced Bounce Rate by 15.7%

Increased Pages per New Visitor by 149%

received first organic sales

0$ Ad spend

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