Case Study

Lion Luggage Concierge

Lion Luggage Concierge is a premium luggage storage facility offering luggage storage services for passengers of Tampa International Airport and surrounding private hangers. They recently began their business in early 2024.

They offer a full suite of services to assist with extended visits covering black car service and travel insurance. They also provide recommendations and short-term Air BnB services when necessary.

Travel, Hospitality

  • Luggage storage and security
  • Black car service (Pick-up, drop-off, and extended rental)
  • Travel insurance
  • Short-term Air BnB

The Objective

Branching out from a directory, Lion Luggage Concierge needed to create an independent identity that would allow them to direct potential clients directly to them and bypass their competition. By creating their own website and integrating new services using Aerial CRM, Lion Luggage set the following objectives to gain greater control and agility in their business.

  1. Complete customer onboarding system
  2. Eliminate platform fees from directory service
  3. Offer custom services
  4. Scalable system for future growth
  5. Access to real-time information
Lion Luggage engaged Tarletta Williams and Black Dragon Marketing to assist with migrating their brand to its own platform and developing the necessary marketing and automation strategies. Working with these two partners, I was able to create the operational systems and integrations to help Lion Luggage Concierge work towards their objectives.

Benefit to the Client

  1. Complete customer onboarding system – Transitioning from a directory to their own system, Lion Luggage would need to create their own onboarding system for new and returning clients.
  2. Eliminate platform fees – Lion Luggage would need to create a smooth invoicing and payment system.
  3. Offer custom services – By getting off the directory, Lion Luggage wants to increase their average order value by offering upsells and additional services.
  4. Scalable system for growth – Lion Luggage would need a system that allowed them to create and store their SOPs and training programs. It would also need to support their growing customer base.
  5. Access to real-time information – In order to monitor and manage their company while removing themselves from the day to day operations, management required a customized dashboard.

The Outcome

By migrating Lion Luggage to the all-in-one Aerial CRM, we were able to move all of their required workflows and training into a single system. This allowed them to streamline their order placement and customer experience. We were also able to move their employee training, internal notifications, phone service, email, and workflows into the same system. By doing so they reduced their operating costs by over $200/month and saved money on future expansion as well. The updated website was created and linked by my sister company Black Dragon Marketing, you can view their cast study too.

The Project

This project required consultation services and hands on services in operations. With a complete separation from the directory and a new website under construction, it was important that the entire process was mapped out to ensure everything would properly sync and be prepared for scalability and growth.

operations consultation

Onboarding workflow Planning

CRM Migration

company phone system programming

Technology and Systems Audit

potential service brainstorming session

Team onboarding workflow planning

company workflow and automation

Tarletta is flat out phenomenal. From websites to CRM to just overall business management, Tarletta is the one to call. She is patient, understanding, and most importantly very adept at executing business initiatives to get your company to where it needs to be. She means business; Her biggest value is proper communication and setting of expectations so as not to disappoint herself and her clients. She expects the same thing in return in order to get the job done with everyone involved. Even a new member of my team who has just met her has already been blown away by TJ, making the statement "With Tarletta I am so confident that we will be successful!" Tarletta is highly recommended by us across the board.
Makis Denis
Co-founder, Lion Luggage Concierge