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Want to skyrocket your business growth in 2024?

then it’s time to start setting goals that align with the future you want to create!

Register for this FREE virtual masterclass and get my four-step process that has helped business owners gain clarity on their goals and start taking executive action removing overwhelm and analysis paralysis.

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If you are ready to unlock the potential in your business and you’re tired of spinning ideas around in your head, this will be the best workshop you attend all year!

Basically, this is the easiest way to plan your next 12 months and set up your business and life for success.

Don't miss out on this opportunity. read This.

I was a single mom living on $80 a week with two small children and rent ($1,150) was due in five (5) days. I was promised a job that had fallen through and I needed a way to make consistent income, and I needed it fast.

I’d had to leave a business that I’d spent 5 years building behind me and move to a new city with no network and, now, no idea what I was going do. But, I had to have faith that even in the face of the impossible, there was always a way. There is always an answer. On the inside, I was going through it. Anxiety was on level 12 and eating was out of the question – and not only because I didn’t have an appetite, and I knew I had to step up.

I needed a new approach. I needed to come up with a plan that I could control.

So, how did I go from $80 a week to making over six figures doing all the things that I love without sacrificing my freedom? I reminded myself that every moment of my life: every course, every challenge, every accomplishment, every job, every milestone, every skill, everything I’ve ever experienced held a resource that is available to me. And then I decided to take decisive action on creating the life I wanted.

How did i get started?

The very first thing I did, was cry. I mean I let it all out. Anyone who knows me knows that crying is not something I do often, but I had to let it all go. I had to get rid of all of the weight and the pressure that I was under and I didn’t know of anything else to do, so I cried. I cried …

Until I let go of the guilt I felt for allowing things to get where they were.

Until I released the stress and anxiety that were weighing me down.

Until every doubt I had inside of my head had been purged.

Until every reason I felt that I had failed was gone.

Until all that was left was an empty slate that I could stand on.


And when the tears finally stopped, I had a clear head and only three words that came to mind – time to go! It didn’t matter what I’d done before. All that mattered was what I was about to do next.

maybe you've been there!

Maybe you’re struggling to reposition yourself, or your business, after things didn’t quite go as planned. Or you were waiting for someone to come through for you and they just didn’t. I’ve been there.

Or worse, you know you’re capable of great and amazing things because you’ve done it before, but your mind is cluttered so many options, excuses, and doubts that you can’t move decisively in your greatness. Been there too!

it' time to get you out of your own way and taking decisive action on the gifts, talents, and vision you've been given.

The issue isn’t that you don’t know what to do. The problem is that you have so much in your mind. You’re aware your greatness. You know the limitless amount of potential and possibilities that are inside of you. You just need help determining how to unlock it and bring it to life.

“All week I have felt overwhelmed, lost, and defeated. The hour I spent with you this morning brought my spirit back to life and I feel like I can conquer the world. I’m actually excited about the things I will offer. You make me actually believe that anything is possible. Thank you.”
April Q.
Art and wellness anxiety coach

You have the skills…

You have the ambition…

You have the work ethic…

You NEED a plan.

And that’s where I come in…

So just to be 100% clear. This is not just something that I’m deciding to teach you. This methodology has been tested and is responsible for the growth of my business and the businesses of my clients.

And at this point, you’re probably wondering…

So what's the catch. why would you do this for free?

I’m going to be honest with you. There’s going to be a lot of information going around and clarity given…but there is no way that I can teach you everything I know and everything I’ve been through in 2 hours. It just ain’t gonna happen.

My goal during your attendance is to prove to you that

Clarity in your goals, in your plans, and in your business can save you money, earn you money, and give you the confidence to take decisive executive action to grow your business…

in the hopes that you’ll find value in investing in working together further.

I want to show you, not just tell you. So join me at the Reflect and Reset: A Year in Review Workshop.

"I feel like you're able to start from anywhere: beginning, middle or end. And I don't think there's a limit to how you do things. There's no one way to do things with you. You know there's a hundred different options. You're like a chameleon. You're very good at making it unique to each person."
marketing manager
Reflect and Reset A Year in Review (1)
I am going to show you


How to audit the year you’ve come through so that you can take an inventory of the assets and resources that you have at your disposal.


The most efficient way to plan your year so that you can start checking things off your to do list without getting stuck in analysis paralysis.


How to keep the momentum going in your business so that you can hold yourself accountable to your progress.



Tarletta is a multi-passionate creative and serial entrepreneur. She’s been known to help small business owners gain clarity in their business and then apply marketing strategies that help them take their business to the next level through purpose, pricing, and  position. She’s also well known for her ability to speak life into anyone that having doubts and finding solutions to challenges. There’s never just one way to do anything. She always has an answer.

If you want that no-nonsense type of accountability and someone that can truly dig into your business as though it were her own, you’ve got to work with Tarletta. She is a wealth of knowledge with so much to offer.

Meet the Instructor

Blast from the Past

"She has the ability to help people focus in. Like streamline their thought processes. It's beneficial because in business there are so many moving parts and it's easy to lose your focus which means that you're probably missing out on money or not maximizing your resources. She makes is super plain and easy to see."